Wednesday, July 01, 2009

the recap

I'll go ahead and call Firefly a success. No one passed out from the nearly unbearable heat. No one fell in a hole and broke their ankle. No one got stuck in the field trying to park. Nothing was stolen. Oh...and some art was sold, which was the point, right?

I managed to purchase five gifts for people plus a mug, a baking dish (specifically for brie and hereby dubbed "my brie dish"), a large painting, and a face made from a frying pan just for me. I also came home with my aunt's birthday/Christmas gift for me, which is an awesome mixed media piece. I am so happy I could squeal. I've been drinking my coffee exclusively from my new mug, and it just makes me happy. Happy. Happy. Happy.

S loved meeting Farmer Jason, and she had a great time dancing with her friends Esther and Solomon at the show.

I managed to avoid any major sunburn issues, though I did miss a spot on each side of my neck when applying sunscreen on Friday. My forehead got a little leathery, too, but I think that was a dirt/suntan combination, which sounds as disgusting as it felt. Of course, nothing was as disgusting as my "festival feet." I assure you my feet have never been as dirty as they were throughout the festival. Yikes.

Okay, S is awake, and we're off to Kindermusik this morning. Here are pics of the new acquisitions, some of which you've already seen on FB.
Watching Farmer Jason set up before heading backstage.

Shyly requesting "Moose on the Loose."
Rocking out with Esther and Solomon.
Unafraid by Scott Phillips
by Steve Meadows
Five Crows by Irene Gates
by Adam Egenolf
by John Sellberg
Strawberries for breakfast. Um...she looks like a big girl today.


die Frau said...

Glad it went well! She looks strikingly like M in that final picture, BTW.

I used to get the proverbial dirt teva tan when I went to regattas. I know the feeling.

And I love the mug!

Strongmama said...

I love how it looks like she's blushing at Farmer Jason. Too cute! Glad the festival was so successful!