Tuesday, July 07, 2009

ain't no party like a potty party

I decided Sunday that yesterday was the day to try potty training again. There was no impetus, I just decided. Granted, I'd been considering it for over a month, but it just hit me on Sunday. The decision meant that we had to go to Walmart, but that was okay. We got a new princess potty seat (the kind that sits on the regular toilet), we got new princess panties, we got princess stickers for rewards, and we got big kid wipes. We also picked up a cake because I decided we'd kick off potty day with a potty party.

So, at 9am yesterday Mel, Hillary, and Abbe showed up. We threw a candle on the cake. We sang "Happy Potty Day to you." S refused to let anyone else have cake, but no one cared because it was bought cake anyway. Then the attempts to potty train commenced.

Day One yielded zero success, but it wasn't terrible. S somehow figured out that drinking liquid leads to having to pee, so she just refused to drink anything all morning. She also refused to sit on the new princess potty seat, so that was a total waste of ten bucks. There were no accidents before nap time, but that's only because she was holding it. She woke up from her nap in a little sea of urine. Then she had a tiny accident that we never could find, but her panties were wet, so I think she may have just stopped the flow. The only big awake accident of the day came while I was at Lowe's. M took her outside to play, and when I got home there was a puddle of piddle on the front sidewalk. When I came inside, S was screaming at me, "Mommy, I had an accident." Awesome.

She seems genuinely interested in obtaining a sticker for her potty chart (thanks, Elmo), so I'm hoping we fare better on Day Two. I'll keep you posted...though I'd wager that continued posts about nothing but my kid's pee will leave my little blog completely reader-less.

Have a great day, peeps.


Melissa said...

The thing that ultimately worked for me with J was the sticker chart on the fridge. He loved that! I nearly lost my mind a few times last summer in the process (like when T heard me FROM THE GOLF COURSE, yelling about a pee puddle), but it will happen in good time. BEST of LUCK!!!!

feather nester said...

I think you definitely need to update with the great success you've been having...