Thursday, July 23, 2009

some pictures.

As if I didn't already know I'd been remiss in posting pictures lately, MoWask gently reminded me of it this morning. So, here are some recent shots. Nothing too exciting.
This is what you might see anytime you drive by our house. A kid in a bathing suit and ballet slippers. Practicing to be a ballerina. In case you couldn't tell what that was.
She's like the wind.
Contemplative. Yeah, right.
Sporting a party shirt for her potty party. With cheeks stuffed full of strawberries.
Checking out the giraffes.
Entertaining at the dinner party.
One of the cakes from my Grandma Foreman's birthday party. My sister (S2) actually made those flowers. Seriously.
Entertaining again. This time it's just a playdate.
And these? These are just for me. I picked them up today with our produce from Fresh Harvest.


Joy said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! You were definitely a grandstudent since I held you when your mom was on homebound. :-)

mo wask said...

thank you!!!! wish we lived closer so we could stop by and twirl with her. we just needed a little S fix. that's all. the pictures on our fridge are seriously outdated. i need to update.