Friday, July 24, 2009

our morning at carnton

Since I just finished The Widow of the South last week, Mel and I decided to head over to Carnton Plantation today. It was a gorgeous day outside. So, despite some hiccups the day went well.

We left late because the floor guys decided to come over this morning to give us a quote on fixing our floors. When we got there, we had to wait about a half an hour for the next tour of the house to start. No big deal. We hit the cemetery (or "cemquary" according to S) before touring the house. I know what you're thinking.

"You took a two-year-old to a historical tour of a plantation?"

Well, the tour was supposed to last between 45 minutes and an hour, and she can hang in for that long. Unfortunately, we got the long winded tour guide. Seriously. Long. Winded. We spent twenty minutes in the first room, and we were stuck in a corner. I thought S would burst. When we went to the second room, the furniture wasn't roped off, and S took that to mean she could climb all over it. When she first went and calmly sat down on an antique sofa, I was cool. When she climbed down and calmly sat on a footstool, I was cool. Then she got back on the footstool and she leaped off. Not so cool. We decided to go outside. There were outbuildings and a very nice garden to tour, not to mention that the weather was divine. So, we went out to play, leaving Mellie to tour the house, which meant I was going to miss seeing the bloodstains and the view from the back upper gallery, but that was alright.

Over an hour later, after a tour that started after ours had ended, S and I were getting a little cranky and hungry, and we had to pee. Alas, the keys to the car and my wallet were in Mellie's purse. Luckily, she finally made her way out just after I sent her a very smarty-pants text message. Really, we had a very nice time, but S is not invited when we hit the Hermitage. And, I got some nice photos of my girl.

for MoWask.
I'm not entirely sure this is appropriate. At all.

My favorite little face.
Holly Hobby in her new bonnet.
Running in the garden.


die Frau said...

Looks like fun! I applaud S's and your patience.

Your daughter has the most beautiful eyes!

VA said...

Love the new banner. It's like S is opening the gate towards exploration. You have to love childhood!