Wednesday, July 22, 2009

kicking and screaming.

Well, not really kicking a screaming, but definitely crying.

S had her first dose of heartbreaking punishment this morning. Heartbreaking for a toddler, that is. This morning was supposed to be her last kindermusik class of the summer. Turns out, last week was the last class for her. When we got there this morning, Ms. Kelli had already put out the wooden clackers for the kiddos to play with. S took a couple and then promptly moved the basket to the other side of the room and stood guard over it. I told her that, "instruments are for everyone." No one seemed to care though, so I let it slide. Then she let one of those wooden clackers fly. I sat her down and explained that, "we do NOT throw instruments. If you do it again, we are leaving." Then she went back to guarding the basket of clackers, so I took her into the hallway, sat her down and explained in no uncertain terms that she was treading on thin ice and if she couldn't share and behave we were going home. We went back into the classroom.

Then Feathernester and L showed up. S threw her clacker and the empty basket into the air. I am pretty sure that it was just excitement, but I had told her not to throw the instruments. I picked her up, grabbed her shoes, and out we went. She was bawling. Crocodile tears pouring down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, mama."

"I want to go back and play."

"Please, mama."

"I didn't mean to throw, mama."

It was heartbreaking. I told her no. I told her that she had to learn that there are consequences to misbehaving. And now we're at home. And that is that. And I'm pretty sure I just graduated to the next level of parenthood.


Scarlet Lily said...

Impressive level of will power - congratulations!

feather nester said...

Go, Ouiser! It must have been sooooo heartbreaking. But I definitely agree that it was the smart thing to do. Congratulations on your graduation.

Strongmama said...

good for you. toddlers will always pull out the croc tears whenever they think it will work. and it didn't here. j does that too. you've just got to be strong and be consistent, which you were. it's easier the next time it happens too.