Tuesday, July 28, 2009

is that a kookaburra in your chest...

...or are you just happy to see me?
Background. For some reason S is weirded out by doctors listening to her. She does not like the idea of the stethoscope, despite the fact that it doesn't really bother her. It's just the anticipation that's a killer.

Anyway, when she was diagnosed with her bladder infection a couple of weeks ago, we told her that the doctor was listening to the butterflies in her chest and looking for butterflies in her ears. She thought that was funny, and she kept telling me that she had a pink butterfly in one ear and a green butterfly in the other.

Then, yesterday, we had to go for her 2.5 checkup. The whole way to the doctor's office, she whined, "I don't want him to listen to me." So, I told her they weren't going to listen to her, they were going to listen to the kookaburra in her chest. (Kookaburras are the fave animal du jour.)

Now, she keeps coming up to me with her play stethoscope and telling me she needs to listen to the kookaburra in my chest. Then she wants me to listen to her chest, and then she tells me what animal I'm listening to. Sometimes it's a kookaburra. Sometimes it's "just a ladybug." Sometimes it's a mary-kat (meerkat).

This kid. She wears me out.

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