Monday, August 03, 2009

not for bovines

S has been to the doctor again. It's like we're trying to keep the pediatrician's office in business. Between the bladder infection, the 2.5 checkup, and this weekend's visit, I am seriously sick of it. The kiddo has hand, foot, and mouth disease, which should not be confused with hoof and mouth disease. So, we're quarantined for a few days. Oh, well. Maybe the floors will get mopped. Maybe. I'm currently baking strawberry and basil scones instead of mopping. I have, however, done laundry and hung it out to dry on my new clothesline. (Thank you, M, for putting it up for me. I love it.)

Really the reason that I'm posting is to tell you to do the following things.
  • Make Lemon-Rosemary Salt and rub it on something. Steak, fish, potatoes. Something. Anything. It is so good.
  • Make some scones. I used this recipe from my friend Holly. She used strawberries and added fresh rosemary. I made them last week with fresh cherries. Now I'm working on strawberry and basil. Seriously, these suckers are good and quick to make. Plus, they are not brick-like in the least.
  • Find yourself a locally grown fresh cantaloupe. Do not hesitate. I picked one up from Fresh Harvest Saturday, and I just cut into it. It is one of the single best things I've ever eaten, and I don't even really like cantaloupe that much.
  • Go read some poetry. I've been reading poetry lately to S, and we're both loving it. I had forgotten about the following: So much depends upon/a red wheelbarrow/glazed with rain water/beside the white chickens. I do love that. Love it.


die Frau said...

I like his "This is Just to Say" poem. It particularly hit me after eating a delicious, cold plum!

Yum said...

"One could do worse than be a swinger of birches"
Robert Frost: who I hardly even enjoy! But that line kind of sums up childhood for me.