Monday, February 04, 2008

things i learned from the super bowl

So, last night's Super Bowl was a pretty great Super Bowl, huh? I realize that my Patriot-loving readers might not agree, but my Giant-loving readers are on cloud nine today. I'm not exactly unbiased as I was rooting for the littlest Manning, but it really was an exciting football game. The Patriots know how to make a Super Bowl come down to the wire. These are the things that I learned from yesterday's festivities:

1. Tom Brady is not unbeatable. Unless you're talking about a contest for single best-looking quarterback ever. He wins that one. Hands down.

2. is not afraid of alienating huge segments of the population with their culturally-insensitive commercials.

3. Troy Aikman could strangle me with one hand without a problem. The man probably has the largest hands in America. They are almost cartoonish.

4. Joe Buck's hair is not real. It can't possibly be real.

5. Ryan Seacrest played high school football in Georgia. That, like Joe Buck's hair, doesn't seem possible.

6. The Manning family has wicked awesome genes.

7. There are Hybrid Cadillac Escalades and a Hybrid GMC Yukons. While I am happy that both of these vehicles exist, there are issues. Like, who could possible afford these behemoths, and, seriously, BUY SOMETHING A LITTLE SMALLER. Please. Unless you are toting around a minimum of three kids you don't need a vehicle that large. Even then I have issues.

8. Some people should save their money and not make Super Bowl commercials.

I think that's all. It's at least all I can remember. Happy Day-after the Super before Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday. All that. I'm out.


Sarah said...

I'm too damned excited to post anything coherent right now!! But now I'm curious as to what the bad Sales Genie commercial was... I'll have to go look that up.


Strongmama said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was in shock over the Salesgenie commericals. They reminded me of the t shirts that were banned from Abercrombie a few years ago. I can't believe someone actually let them go on television and wonder if there will be any repercussions.

die Frau said...

I, too, found myself flabbergasted by the Salesgenie commercials. I found them Archie Bunker-esque at best. You actually beat me to my post, although I may blog about it anyway. The "follow your heart" commercial also seemed a little off-putting.

Funny part: The one "hybrid" Cadillac gets a whopping 20mph AS A HYBRID. I suppose anything's better than the nine it probably used to get.

But yes, awesome Super Bowl!