Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a little housekeeping

Just a heads up.

I'm going through and adding some tags to my posts. I have recently wasted an egregious amount of time looking for old posts (mostly trying to figure out when S got teeth to write in her baby book), and I've decided that I need to do a little blog-organizing. So, for all of you who get the magic "Ouiser posted" emails and whatnot, you may be getting a lot of them today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Happy Tuesday.

Oh, in seriously, fabulously interesting news (not really) I just realized that George Clooney's girlfriend is my age. Whoa. That means I've got a shot! Ha. And, don't worry, M won't be upset. George Clooney is the one man on earth that I'm allowed to ditch him for. He can leave me for Jennifer Aniston. Of course, he wavers...sometimes he thinks that the chick from Love Actually is really a better choice for "the one." As for me, it's Clooney, hands down.

I'm out.


Sarah said...

Can you have M talk to B? He refuses to give me the "one celebrity" rule - refuses! Even though my celeb is most likely Matt Damon (who's married with a baby and therefore would be far harder to poach than Clooney!), he's holding firm.

Although, if you could see what happens in our house when the Allison Krauss DVD goes on (pretty, violin lady), you'd think he'd change his mind for self-serving purposes.

Leslie said...

Which chick? Keira Knightley? There are so many pretty ladies in that movie.
My celebrity freebie is Gerard Butler. Seriously - google him. So hot...