Tuesday, February 12, 2008

party like a rock star

I just finished watching Barack Obama speak in Madison. You know, that little speech he gave after another clean sweep? Lovely. Anyway, he was speaking to a revved up crowd of about 18,000 who were kept later than expected, but all of whom were still apparently pleased as punch to be there to see the man. 18,000 screaming fans, people. Barack Obama is a rock star. People were chanting.

When Obama was finished, MSNBC switched over to McCain, who was giving his speech after his wins this evening. Talk about a change. Obama spoke to a screaming mob of fans that were packed like sardines into a stadium. There were loads of excited people, young to not-so-young, crowded behind him. Then there was John McCain. One: he was in a hotel ballroom that I assure you did not hold 18,000 people. Two: there wasn't even a twinge of excitement in his voice. Three: the people surrounding him were so old that I think they were probably George Washington's campaign guys. Four: I was so completely bored that I got off the couch and decided to blog about how bored I was with John McCain.

The difference between the two candidates was and is so alarmingly apparent. Alarmingly. Apparent. When faced with a choice between the old curmudgeon and the rock star, who would vote for the old curmudgeon? And why??? Seriously, why? It's old versus new, and I'm not talking about age. I'm talking about ideas. And ideals.

It makes me believe in politics and government again, and I haven't even had a glimmer of that belief since W managed to get into the White House without actually winning the election in any fair sense. I believe in this guy. He makes me want to believe and care again, and it's such a refreshing feeling that I want to tell total strangers about Barack Obama...or just inundate you all with my constant gushing about him.

I'm out, peeps. The pillows are calling my name.


Angie said...

You aren't kidding! I thought a couple of those guys with McCain were going to pass out or fall asleep.

p said...

curmudgeon.. good word.

i heard mccain's speech this morning on npr and almost fell asleep driving. i have to use a cliche but he sounds just entirely too much of "politics as usual". i think we need to break that status quo in some way, any way possible or this country is going to drift off into a deep, lazy sleep..

Sarah said...

Couldn't agree with your post more - thanks for saying it!