Tuesday, February 26, 2008

how much junk is in that trunk?

Has anyone else watched Carson Kressley's new show How to Look Good Naked? While I originally took it as pseudo-rip off of my man Tim Gunn's show, I have been converted. I am a believer. While I could never go on a show like that because I could never, ever explain to my granddaddy why I was in my underwear (or naked) on television...that's even if I wanted to plaster my panty-clad butt on television, which I don't...there is one really remarkable thing that they do on this show. And it has nothing to do with naked photo shoots. It has to do with perception. Perception of your own body.

An explanation. Let's say you're on the show, and the thing you hate most about your body is your big butt. They measure your butt. Then they prance a bunch of women out in front of you in their undies and ask you to place yourself between the two women who you think your butt would fit between...you know, less junk in the trunk to the left, more junk in the trunk to your right...it's really a pretty cool thing. Everyone ends up putting themselves between much bigger women than they are. It just shows how hard it is to be objective about your own body. I'd heard of this before...I know that photography is used in therapy for a lot of women with eating disorders. If they see their bodies without their faces, they usually don't recognize themselves, and they can see how thin they really are.

I'd be really interested to see how my own body stacks up, and I think it would be awesome if they could put pictures of lots of women on their website, with their measurements, so real women can get on there and see what they're "up against." It would be nice to see. I do, however, realize that what I'm suggesting could be seen as borderline porn. A whole website with nothing but pictures of girls in their underwear. Maybe not such a good idea in practice. You know, just one of those "good in theory" things.

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