Wednesday, February 27, 2008

another ringing endorsement

Looks like Senator Obama has gotten another endorsement. Forget endorsements from big political figures, we're going for the real deal now. Greg Oden says Barack is his man. Oddly enough, that probably means a lot more to a lot of young voters than Ted Kennedy's or John Kerry's endorsements.

Know what? I'll take it. Bring on the celebrity endorsements. Do I qualify as a celebrity? I have something like ten loyal readers. I say it counts, and I hereby announce my official endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for president. Now it's nice and official.

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Sarah said...

I saw the Greg Oden thing too, isn't that funny! My brother ran into him recently out in Portland - he said the top of his crutches (those things that sit in your armpits!) came above my brother's head!