Monday, October 16, 2006

What's left of me...

...not in a Nick Lachey sort of way.
I'm talking strictly about the apple bread. It is rapidly disappearing, so it will earn it's place in the "World's Greatest Cookbook" (aka- the binder of recipes that have earned their "M Approved" stickers). My brother is theoretically coming to visit this afternoon, so as soon as I get to the grocery store for the required orange juice, I am going to make an apple pie. I should really be making him a chess pie, but I think they are gross, so I don't make them. Besides, I've still got a fair few apples to work with. Also on the cooking front, I'll be taking some food to our neighbors who just had a new baby girl on Saturday. She'll be home this afternoon, and I am looking forward to meeting her.

On another happy note, M surprised me by being home before noon yesterday, so I was able to sneak in almost a whole day with hubby. I was afraid he wouldn't be back until late afternoon, and we're both out of town this coming weekend, so I was having preemptive withdrawals. Otis was also very happy that his dad was home. We took him for a walk and gave him a bath, so he's a much happier (and cleaner) dog now. Speaking of...I couldn't resist a picture of him with the globe...he's a four-legged geographer. Watch out Haley Beast, Otis is moving in on your territory!! Sorry the picture turned out a little blurry...I forgot I had the flash turned off, and I'll blame it on that instead of my highly inept photography skills.

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