Thursday, October 26, 2006

So tired

I have zero energy. When I say zero, I mean it in the "absolute zero" sense. I can't wake up, and when I am awake, I am barely cognitive. Maybe it's because I'm having trouble sleeping, who knows, but it's driving me bonkers. Swim class is in six hours, and I am already dreading it because I feel like I'm too tired to go. This is not fun. I had heard that the pregnant fatigue would return toward the end, but I was assuming/hoping that "the end" meant week 40. I have way too much to do to be this exhausted. Yesterday, I had to lie down after doing laundry and dishes. This is do people work while growing babies? My aunt told me that she used to hide in unused offices and cubicles and take naps.

I don't even have the energy to keep typing...not to mention that I haven't done or thought about anything worthy of chronicling. I've got my fingers crossed that I am just fighting off a cold or something and that my energy level will pick back up...wish me luck with that one!

1 comment:

feather nester said...

Good luck! I don't know what I'll do someday when it's my turn. I can't imagine life without caffeine anymore. Sending you energetic thoughts...