Friday, October 06, 2006

Chilly Willy

The temperature has taken a nose dive since yesterday morning. It was in the upper 70's I think. The high today is low 60's. I realize that's not fall weather to those of you on or from the east coast, but I'm sort of used to not thinking about fall weather until around Thanksgiving. It seems pretty chilly this morning to me. In fact, as I was driving to swim class yesterday afternoon, I felt like I drove through a magic portal to was sunny outside and seemed plenty warm, but as I drove over a hill, I could see the hazy gray skies and sprinkles ahead of me. By the time I got to the Y, it was full-on overcast with a consistent drizzle. The air was also quite cool. So, I think I drove right into fall this year, and I don't mind a bit. I just want winter to stay far, far away. Nice, crisp fall air I can handle. Biting winter cold is for the birds...well, not even for them, they are smart enough to head south!!

As we head into the weekend, M and I have our plates full with trying to prepare for S. Our weekends between the eras of pre-S and S are rapidly filling up with last minute trips out of town and holidays and "my belly is in the way, I'm worthless." We're hoping to get a lot done tonight and Saturday as M is headed to Cincy for a massive paintball war on Sunday.

Five Senses Friday

Sight: K's little booty when we got to the door. All of our friend's faces in Memphis. Otis when we got back home.

Sound: S's heartbeat. (I've yet to get sick of that one.)

Smell: Chocolate store at Peabody Place, chocolate cake baking

Touch: Hugs from friends, the perfect temperature of the water in class yesterday

Taste: Cheese fritters from Amerigo, the oatmeal with cinnamon I'm eating right now, chocolate/vanilla swirl, ice cold milk, peanut butter and banana sandwich...this is a dangerous question right now

Update: Otis just ran through the house covered in mud...meaning that most of the morning will now involve scrubbing up nasty, muddy paw prints. Fantastic. Has there ever been a stronger case for floors that can be mopped??

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