Saturday, October 07, 2006

Apple picking

It's a lovely fall day...perfect for picking apples, so that's what we did. We worked a little around the house first. I worked more on painting S's furniture, and M put together her crib. Then we headed out to Evans Orchard in Georgetown. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, and neither of us had ever picked apples or been to a pumpkin patch, so it was a first for both. We can't wait to take S in the coming years. There were loads of little kids playing in the corn maze and on the giant "hay mountain" slide. There were also lots of babies having their pictures taken amongst the piles of pumpkins. While we didn't venture into the pumpkin patch, we did stroll through the rows and rows of apple trees, excitedly looking to see what new kinds of apples we could discover. We had a great time.

Now that we have a "peck" of apples, I suppose I should do something with them. M has been talking about his mom's baked apples, so I'll try to figure that one out. She topped them with marshmallows like a sweet potato casserole, which I'd never heard of but am more than willing to try. Speaking of apple delicacies, no recap of our afternoon would be complete without a listing of the goodies we tried while at the orchard: I had an apple cider donut and apple cider; M had a fried apple pie and apple cider. It was his first experience with a fried apple pie as he's been unable to get his hands on one of my Aunt Dollie's. For the record, Aunt Dollie's are better, but those things are like gold, making them very difficult to come by!

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feather nester said...

I love pumpkin patches! And gourds! And fall! Although I'm in the wrong place to truly feel it, I'm doing my best.

Glad the pregnancy grumpies are laying off for now. Hang in there, sweetie!

I shed some more tears of frustration last weekend for want of the two of you. Missing you as always.