Friday, October 27, 2006

The generics

Do you ever realize that you are staunchly weird about some things? Do you ever realize how weird you are for even acknowledging your random eccentricities? It's a constant inner monologue for me. As I lay awake from about 3:30-4:30 this morning, I was thinking about this. The particular oddity I was mulling over was my blatant refusal to buy certain things in their generic form. While I am an ardent supporter of the availability of generic prescription drugs, I won't buy generic peanut butter. Go ahead, give me the knock-off Paxil, but don't skimp on the Peter Pan. It's silly.

Either way, I started trying to make a list of things that I won't buy unless they are the "real thing." Here's a start:

Peanut butter: I have my moments when I think about how bad the Peter Pan of my youth is for me...with all the sugar and hydrogenated oil and such, but I just love it. Plus, I hate having to stir up the all-natural stuff. I can't tell you how many shirts I ruined in college trying to mix the oil into my organic peanut butter. In the end, creamy Peter Pan will win every time, and it makes me feel like I'm six.

Cereal: I did the whole "Special K" diet thing last spring (and I LOVED it), and despite the fact that the Kroger brand Special K was something like two dollars cheaper a box, I couldn't do it. I kept remembering this one time when my mom brought home a knock-off version of Fruit Loops when I was little. They were gross, and I made up my mind about the importance of name brand cereal right then. I think those fake Fruit Loops lived in the pantry for about ten years because no one would touch them.

Those are the big ones with explanations, but here are some more: Pop-Tarts, Eggos, cake mixes, olive oil, pasta sauce, orange juice, yogurt, toilet paper, kosher salt, trash bags. On the flip side, there are some things that I always cheap out on...pasta, tea bags, cheese for cooking (somewhere DTS's head is exploding), pre-packaged peanut butter crackers, paper towels, aluminum foil. It's all very bizarre. Is anyone else out there like this?? Is it just me?

Onto another subject: FIVE SENSES FRIDAY

Taste: I feel obligated to say peanut butter. Also, the banana I ate for breakfast. Chocolate cake. Biscuits with real butter and honey from Tupelo Honey.

Touch: Hugs from friends, Otis flinging water off himself- onto me.

Sight: Otis when I got home Sunday. M returning home Sunday.

Smell: "Noodle soup" cooking the other night. Otis (not in a good way).

Sound: M singing "Ooby Dooby" from the Elizabeth Mitchell album my friend Laura gave me. Listening to him sing, "wiggle and shake just like a rattle snake" while actually attempting to shake like a rattle snake is worth charging admission.


feather nester said...

But I think it's rational to skimp on some things and not others. With some things, you really do get a quality difference. Some you don't. However, I vehemently disagree with you that tea and cheese matter. Otherwise, I'm with you for just about everything you listed. Although, there's a new peanut butter out now that doesn't require mixing. I think it's called Smart Balance, if you want to give it a try. But I understand clinging to the Peter Pan. It took a good year for me to kick the Jiff habit and finally make my switch for good to the "healthy" peanut butter.

Angie said...

No way would I ever buy generic peanut butter, either. I don't like the healthy stuff for the same mentioned reasons. For the longest time I was a tide only girl, but I realized I like the Costco brand just as much. It is like $11 for an entire 5 gallon bucket of detergent- with 5 folks in the house, we wash alot of clothes. And never, never never generic diet coke. I don't drink many, but I need the real thing...

die Frau said...

I, too, won't buy generic pb but now I buy the healthy stuff, too. My brand I like is called Crazy Richard's and I get it at the local old-style Italian grocery store around here. Honestly, when I became unemployed I went generic on many, many things...and we have the most awesome grocery store, Wegman's, that has terrific generic stuff. However, I refuse to buy generic cottage cheese. It's curd anyway; you have to be careful about your curd. And I'm with you on orange juice and cereal all the way. I guess it's important to have quality breakfast things!