Thursday, October 05, 2006

The incredible shrinking button

I've never paid much attention to my belly button...who really does past the age of three? I am, however, starting to become acutely aware of it. M has taken to rubbing my belly and poking at my belly button and laughing at how little it's getting. Mostly, I just slap at his hand and roll my eyes at him. It's getting to the point now, though, that I feel like it's shrinking more and more. I guess I'm approaching that major turning point in pregnancy...the popped cork. I'll admit that I actually looked at my belly button today and was shocked to see how little it's becoming. I feel like any second now I'm going to look down and see my belly button just shoot out like that air thingy on a beach ball. I wonder...will I feel it "pop"? Is it a all-at-once thing, or is it gradual? If I do feel it, what will it feel like? It's a very strange thing to find myself thinking about.

In other baby news, we're trying to wrap our brains around the whole baby registry thing as we'd like to get that taken care of this weekend. I got some really good advice from MoWask and ABM while we were in Memphis, so it's a matter now of absorbing it all and deciding what will work best for us. The car seat/stroller/travel system question is looming large in my head right now, and I'm not sure what decision we'll make on that one. It's a never-ending cycle of questions that involves safety, convenience, consumer ratings, and personal choice. Of course, the need for my making a lot of decisions comes at a time when I am finding it impossible to make decisions about anything. For example, I knew I wanted to bake some sort of dessert yesterday, but I was having trouble deciding between an apple cake and a chocolate pound cake. I called M and asked his opinion, and my inquiry was met with the usual reply of, "whichever you want." I almost cried instantly at the thought of having to choose. There have been dozens of instances just like that in the last couple of weeks. I need a magic 8-ball.

For the record, the chocolate pound cake won, and M made the decision for me. I love my husband.

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die Frau said...

My friend who has a two year-old had our other friend with a new baby get one of those combo stroller/carrier/car seat things with good wheels for moving. We got it at Target. I'll check to see which one, because I know she loves it.