Sunday, September 03, 2006

Good ol' Rocky Top

Life is good, and all is right with the world. Well, maybe not entirely, but college football is in season, so around our house, things aren't too bad- especially with UT and the Irish winning. Of course, UT did it in a much more convincing fashion, and I'm not complaining about that. Go Vols!! It was funny...when I woke up Friday morning and let Otis out, I knew- this is football weather, and the overcast cool temps lasted through yesterday. It's great to be southern in the fall. I mean, even my beloved DC Cougars won on Friday night. M asked last night if I thought the baby would like football even if it was a girl. While no small child can be expected to sit still and watch a three hour football game, which he understands, I explained that I can think of no reason why our offspring wouldn't love the won't have much of a choice anyway.

I suppose I should get ready for church now. I'm going to pray for this hellish backache to go away. I woke up Friday night at 3am nearly in tears because it hurt so bad. Needless to say, I was worthless all day yesterday, taking Tylenol every 4-6 hours and laying on a heating pad. While it feels much better today, I worry- if this backache bothers me so much, how on earth am I going to get through DELIVERING A BABY?? I think I'll pray about that, too.

Happy Sunday, peeps.


mowask said...

6 months into my pregnancy, I got an aweful pain in my back right under my shoulder blade. I ended up going to a chiropractor for the first time in my life. Man, it was wonderful. He and his wife had 6 kids (all girls) and he was an old pro about working on pregnant ladies' backs. He also made sure my back and hips where properly adjusted close to K's due date... I don't know if it helped by I didn't have back pains or back labor. Just a little food for thought.

Angie said...

the siatic nerve was the one that gave me hell. I felt like there was a hand about to poke out all the time...ah the good ole days