Friday, September 15, 2006

I can see clearly now

It's amazing how much more light can stream into our new windows without the "Otis prints." There were lots of nose prints on the front windows, and I'd given up on cleaning them except for major reasons like parties...they always came back. Since he's not allowed on the couch anymore, I'm hoping the problem will go away. Of course, the storm door will remain coated in nose prints and slobber...I consider it a homier version of a "Beware of Dog" sign. Besides, soon enough the "Otis prints" will have to contend with "S prints." Our old windows didn't have screens, so we were never able to put the windows up as we would become overrun with flies and such. It was wonderful to put the windows up yesterday and let the cool fall air into the house. They are not up now, though, as it is a smidge too cool out there. You know how I require warmth...

As the coolness of fall took over the house yesterday (I had on SmartWools and a light sweater!!), I felt the need to bake. Of course, I also wanted to combat the less-than-enticing silicone caulk smell. I made an "Apple Dessert" out of some old church cookbook that I've managed to acquire over the years. It was okay, but not quite right. It was something between an apple cobbler and an apple crisp. Either of the originals would have been better, but I lack a good recipe. Any suggestions?? Either way, most of it will likely go uneaten as we are heading to Knoxville for the UT-Florida football game tomorrow. Go Vols!!

Sight: The fattest squirrel in history outside the kitchen window...I'm pretty sure Otis could have caught him. He looked pretty slow.
Smell: The "Apple Dessert" baking
Taste: Gala apple and cheddar cheese sandwiches
Touch: S practicing her yoga
Sound: 10,000 Maniacs Unplugged that I'm listening to right now. I love Natalie Merchant's voice.

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