Thursday, September 28, 2006

Road trip

We're off...M needs a little break, and I'm glad that I insisted that we take a long weekend for our anniversary. We're leaving after swim class tonight for DC. Homecoming is tomorrow, and M has yet to experience the great debacle that is Homecoming in Dickson County. I haven't been since I graduated, and I am looking forward to it. Plus, that puts us four hours closer to Memphis, our second destination. We'll head west on Saturday morning and spend three whole days in the river city. We can't wait to see all of our friends, and maybe (okay, definetely) eat some real barbecue. Every time we go to a sporting event, I secretly hope that barbecue nachos have caught on. Word to the wise: they haven't.

In other news, I finally got around to checking out our paint job in S's room yesterday. It turns out the issue with the trim really was just a reflection from the blue tape. We'd never sprung for the fancy painter's tape before, always relying on plain masking tape. I wasn't that impressed. Save the extra $2 and get yourself an ice cream. I also brought in the basinette bedding that Melissa gave us last night and washed it. I am "planning" to clean up the bassinette today and bring it in. Now that S has a room with painted walls, I feel like there should be something in it. I also think I've decided to abandon the pink stripes on the walls. I'm just afraid that I'll never get them straight enough. I have a strong feeling that my Type-A perfectionism would make the project too frustrating, and I doubt S will really care if her walls have stripes. We'll see.

Of course, I still have to pack, and I have to take Otis to his home-away-from-home (the vet). I'd better get a move on...

Have a great weekend!!

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