Wednesday, September 06, 2006

She's a She!!

We made a lot of phone calls yesterday afternoon, so I apologize to anyone "hearing" the news for the first time here...


We had our 20 week check-up and ultrasound yesterday, and everything is going great. To those of you who've not gone through this yet, seeing the baby's fingers and toes and nose and heart and other parts for the first time is hands-down the coolest thing EVER! (Those of you who've had babies- I guess you know what I'm talking about.) I can't imagine what it will be like when the actual baby comes along. M and I were both mesmerized the entire time- especially when we could see her little heart beating away. I promise to post "pictures" of our beautiful little baby girl as soon as M gets around to scanning them in. Oh, and she is absolutely gorgeous, by the way. In fact, I think she's just perfect...can you tell I'm the mom? I can't wait to meet her...although my bladder is already intimately familiar with her! So familiar, in fact, that between 11pm and 6am, I had to go to the potty five times. That's an infamous record...I feel seriously geriatric.

Now, I'm venturing into full-on "we're having a baby girl" mode. The first thing we did after the appointment (okay second thing- the first was EAT...), was go to buy a girl outfit. Funny thing about that is- we wouldn't buy anything for the baby until we found out her sex because I thought it silly to buy unisex things when we were going to "know". We bought a green sleeper anyway!! Of course, it has pink trim and girly dancing cows on it. Then I went out looking at crib bedding, looking for ideas on how we want to decorate her room. Why is all the girl stuff either Disney princess, pink with huge flowers, or purple with the word "princess" all over it? Not to mention the fact that it's all outrageously expensive when all the baby is going to do is puke and drool and poop on everything. Oh, and why are there crib comforters if you're not supposed to put a blanket in the crib with the baby? It's all very overwhelming to a Type-A personality. I'm heading out to a couple of fabric stores today to see if I can just find a pattern for a bumper pad and crib skirt. We'll see what happens...

As for Otis, we keep telling him that we're going to have a girl, a little sister for him. He just looks at us like, " don't you realize that I don't know what that means?" Poor little guy. He was very interested in the smell of my tummy yesterday, though. Why do they have to use so much of that jelly stuff for the ultrasound?

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mowask said...

oh good. seems like all of our friends are having boys and i'm itching to make something girlie!!! weee!

yes almost all of the stuff in the stores for baby bedding is either obnoxious or doesn't take into account that you'll want to use it for more than one child and what if that child is of the opposite sex. just another conspiracy to get you to buy more. but that is the american way... isn't it?

can't wait to see the pictures.