Monday, September 18, 2006

A long post

We've had a lot going on the past few days...bear with me. For starters, congrats to S and D on the newest addition to their family: Chewy! He's precious. Now on to the show...I finally accomplished something for the nursery. I worked on it a little bit Friday night and a little Saturday morning before hitting the road for Knoxvegas. Now I just need to paint the nursery walls so there is somewhere to hang it. Actually, M doesn't want me around the paint fumes, so I just have to tape the trim, then M has to paint the walls. I'm hoping to get all the rooms in the house that I want painted done while I'm pregnant...seeing as I wouldn't have to do any work!!

We started our trek south around one on Saturday afternoon. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for driving and there was very little traffic. Once we got to Knoxville, we had a great afternoon. It was a little warm at first- especially hoofing it up and down all the hills in the afternoon sunshine, but it was perfect in the shade. M got to have his very first UT experience, complete with the Vol Walk and Running through the T. Of course, the game didn't end as we'd hoped, but it was a GREAT football game, and I think all 107,000 people stayed until the very end. We did notice in the course of the day that Otis is the perfect build to replace Smokey when he's ready to move on to greener pastures. Granted, he's not a blue tick hound, but a labradoodle makes a much more current statement! We even bought him a new collar to get him used to orange...we also found some cute future gifts for S, but we didn't want to carry a bag around with us.

We made it back to Lexington around noon yesterday, and I figured we'd just crash, but we had a fairly productive afternoon. M dug up the garden (goodbye, summer) and trimmed the hostas up a bit while I painted the rails on the front porch. Then we organized the garage. After that, we crashed. Now that it's Monday, it's back to the grindstone for him...and I'll be working to get more things done around the house. In fact, I should get to work now...

For the record, does blogger make anyone else angry when arranging pictures? Aaaaagghhhh!

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feather nester said...

Chewy thanks you for the shout out.

I love the painting! Love it! It's perfect. What an awesome mom Stella has and she doesn't even know it yet.

Finally, it's very inconvenient that the UT, TN and UT, TX are both called UT and both orange. And what's with the head shot?! I want a pic of the mama belly!