Monday, September 25, 2006

Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame

So this weekend in football adequately made up for last weekend. The Notre Dame comeback was pretty awesome, even though I slept through most of the 4th quarter. UT and the Colts won, too, so I was pretty happy. I'm acting like I don't know that the Cougars lost. You know, I don't think that anyone who looks at this blog could care less about football...why do I always post about it? Oh, wait- because I care about football. At least, I care about it right now while it's early in the season, and I've not been overly inundated.

It was a fairly worthless weekend for me, but M got some things accomplished. Together, we managed to nearly bore our dog to tears. Seriously, Otis does not care for "doing work around the house." Too often, loose nails and such land him in his kennel, or he's stuck behind the baby gate. I did manage to hang the rest of the pictures on the "family wall" (the empty frames are lacking mats for now), and I replanted the "pots" on the wall in the dining room. The baby tear ferns that I planted there when we moved in were a smidge past dead, and the whole room looks better now. M painted S's room. We can't tell if the trim needs another coat or if the blue painter's tape is just reflecting onto the new yellow paint. I need to pull a strip down this morning and look...I'd have to buy more paint. The walls look good, though, so I need to think about the best way to get the pink stripes onto the wall. I love the pale yellow that we picked out, it makes the room so much lighter. I just can't wait to start getting the room REALLY put together. I guess that means I need to get painting on the furniture!!
That's really all we've had going on lately...oh, except we bought ice cream at the grocery store Saturday night. Not too exciting, I know, but we got MAGIC SHELL, too. Man, that stuff is good. It's been a highlight of our weekend. Is that sad, or does it say, "we appreciate little things?" Leans more toward sad, doesn't it?

Happy Monday.

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