Friday, January 22, 2010


Last night was a tough one. M worked late, so S and I had dinner at Mellie's, which I should've known wouldn't work. Taking S to Mellie's for dinner almost never goes well. She gets way too excited and then she gets tired and when it's time to leave it's time for the mega-meltdown. You'd think I'd learn, but I never seem to. Definition of insanity.

So, last night, she was having her typical meltdown about leaving, and it was getting really close to bedtime, and I'd just about had it anyway. When we pulled into the driveway, she was screaming for all she's worth and flailing about and there's just no good way to handle that when you're dealing with a just-shy-of-fifty-pound kid. I did my best. I managed to get her into the house, and I even managed to get her up the stairs. But then, oh then.

The meltdown got worse. I couldn't even have imagined such a thing. Then I started yelling at her. She was in the floor, and I turned to switch on the lights, and thwack. A sickening smack of my child's face into the edge of an open door. She had somehow flung herself into the door. My back was turned and it was dark and I didn't see what happened. I scooped her up immediately. Pupils were normal. Teeth were all intact. Not much blood, but a little. She split the skin above her lip just a bit. But her nose. I don't even understand it. It immediately had a huge red spot. As in the entire bridge of her nose was all spotted and red. I don't really know how to describe it other than it looked like it hurt. So, we had some bloody snot for a few minutes and lots of cuddling and lots of crying. M got home sometime in the middle of the cuddle/cry fest, and he put her in bed while I put on pajamas and had my own little cry fest. Then I went to snuggle with my girl in bed while she fell asleep. She was fine by that point except for quietly telling me that her nose hurt.

And that was that. I am a little afraid of what she'll look like when I go upstairs this morning. Will her eyes be black? What about her nose? Will she remember? It's just no good at all.

There you have it. Of course, I think/hope the traumatic face injury of 2010 will quickly be overshadowed by the weekend of THIRD BIRTHDAY celebrations. Wish us luck as we fill our mangled kid with sugar over the next three days!!

I'm out, peeps. Happy weekending.


Strongmama said...

I think you had your welcome to three party last night. The tantrum drama continues well on into the welcome to almost four. And they almost always occur when husbands are working late. Sorry. I so feel your pain.

I always end up putting J in those situations as well even though I know there will be a meltdown. I think it's because it makes the rest of the without daddy time easier for a little while.

Have a fun weekend!!

die Frau said...

Oh, dear. It will make for memorable pictures...? Seriously, you'll look back on those in later years and remember how S had a banged-up nose for her third birthday and it will be hilarious and just fine.

Can't believe she's THREE already! Wish her lots of love from me.

feather nester said...

Oh, sweetie, I didn't read this until just now. I hope you're both recovering. I'm so sorry you guys had such a rough night. xoxoxo