Friday, January 15, 2010

there goes another one.

Another week gone. Of course, this week S got to cross another state off her list. Nothing like a trip to Missouri to make your week fly by, eh?

I've come up with another bonus habit. It's going to seem a little ridiklious (which is how S says ridiculous), but here it is. With all the bread baking going on in my little kitchen, I am going to stop using the mixer to knead dough. I am going to actually use my hands. I did it last night, and having my hands in the dough was pretty cathartic. Also, it killed the ol' triceps. I have seen something somewhere about how making bread by hand is one of those lost arts whose loss has contributed significantly to underarm jiggle. Well, not this mama. Not anymore. By golly, I am going to have rock hard triceps to match the biceps that come from picking up a fifty pound kid. Watch out.

M and I are off to the symphony tonight. (Thanks for the tickets, Daddy and C.) Then a birthday party tomorrow morning before the Colts take the field at 715. It's going to be a great weekend. I think I may even get to do a little quilting. Woo hoo.

Have a great weekend, peeps.

Sight: S shaking her booty to the pep band at the basketball game last night
Sound: the pep band last night. i seriously LOVE pep bands.
Smell: onions and garlic
Touch: soft, sticky bread dough
Taste: last week's pistachio frozen yogurt. i am still thinking about it. also, the homemade ice cream we had at Ja Ja's cafe in Alamo, TN

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sallee said...

So when are you going to start selling this wonderful bread?!! sounds so delicious!! YOU go GILR---all by hand :)