Wednesday, January 20, 2010

seeing spots.

S's first Broadway musical is under her belt. I'm not going to say she was great because she wasn't, but she was entertaining. Luckily, our seats were in the very top row, so there weren't many people for her to disturb and she was able to dance as much as she wanted, which was the entire time. We did make her stop stomping her feet (tap dancing, if you will) between songs. She had a blast. She fell asleep on the way home. Not so bad really. That's not counting the total meltdown she had when leaving TPAC when she literally dropped to the floor and bawled. There were lots of sympathetic looks and comments as it was kids' night and I think every adult that passed felt simultaneously bad for us and grateful that it wasn't their children, who were probably hanging on by threads at that point, too.
Dinner at Calypso.
The dancers.
The dude.
Happy to be there. Sweaty from dancing her heart out.

So, that's done.

Moving on. I've decided on another habit, and it's a mental health one. It's something that I always strive for, but sometimes I just get lazy. I'm thinking that making it public will help. When I see something that needs to be done in my home, I am going to do it. Laundry needs to be put away? I'll do it then because, frankly, when I leave it folded in its basket, waiting to be delivered to its various drawers, I become resentful of that laundry. I hate it for sitting there, saying, "you bum. Put me away properly." However, if I do it as soon as it's folded, it really doesn't bother me. Dirty dishes on the counter? Immediately into the dishwasher. I have found that doing things this way leaves me more time to do the things I want to making Valentines with S or making hideous placemats...because I don't have to spend large blocks of time playing catchup. I can spend three minutes instead of thirty. It works for me, and it makes me saner. A major part of this, though, is to not leave stuff lying about. Putting things away instead of leaving them where they were used goes a long way to making this system work. So, there's another habit. Plus, I have enrolled in a belly dancing class, so that's TWO habits!!

I am so on a roll.


the Inkwell said...

that belly dancing class?
you really didn't?
oh sis, that's...
I don't know what that is.

sallee said...

and just look at 'S' in her POPPY DIP!!

Leslie said...

1. Belly dancing? AWESOME.
2. Habits - I do the same thing with the dishes, laundry, ironing... I build up the task - like "Oh, I couldn't possibly wash the breakfast dishes in the 10 minutes I have left! They'll have to wait." But then when I do them later, they take me 6 minutes... Duh.
Good luck.