Monday, January 25, 2010

all partied out.

Three years old.

Three parties in three days.

Three tired members of the Ouiser family.

I'll post all about the festivities later, but for now, this will have to do.


Jenna said...

'Tis so exciting that we almost have the same birthday. She is SO adorable. <3

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for letting Addie and I join in the fun this morning. I hope the birthday girl and parents got a good nap this afternoon. See you on Wednesday.
P.S. You might see your party favor in a different design for Addie's party in Feb. You are just to creative.

Kristie said...

Happy b-day to S! Is she standing on something in the last pic or is she really that tall???

Strongmama said...

We left you a message on your home voicemail, but it kept getting interrupted and asking us if we were done. J thought it was pretty funny. hope you can understand it. What does the placemat say underneath the m/ms?

the Inkwell said...

yeah, she's that tall.

Amy said...

Is she really 3 already!! Happy late Birthday Stella!!! Love the placemat!! Sommer--you are so talented! By the way, I love the tea set you made!!! Adorable!!:)