Thursday, January 07, 2010

it makes me all tingly inside.

A couple of months ago I did something to my shoulder. I likely slept on it funny or tweaked a muscle playing with S. It resulted in tingly fingers for a couple of weeks in my right hand. (You know the tingly feeling like you're about to have a major battle with pins-and-needles after some part of you goes to sleep?) Well, doggoneit, I've done it again. I keep walking around flailing my hand about, trying to wake it up, but no. It's just going to be like this I guess. So, I'm hitting the anti-inflammatories. Totally annoying.


I've made another decision about my habits. As one of my bonuses, I am going to start wearing handcream with sunscreen. (Thank you, die Frau, and by the way, it was really, really lovely to chat yesterday.) All the ladies in my family end up with horrific sunspots on their hands, and I am hereby vowing to take better care of my hands than they have. I have also started a food journal to help me track what I'm eating. I'm not trying to lose weight really because I'm just fine as I am, but a food journal makes me think twice about having another cookie (and losing a few pounds might be a happy byproduct). I'm still completely happy eating one cookie, but the thought that someone might run across my food journal and see that, "Holy overeater, Batman, Ouiser ate half a dozen cookies. That cow!" Well, that'll keep the cookies in the cookie jar and out of my belly. So, there's two bonus habits. I'm rocking this new year.

Enjoy the snow, peeps. For those of you up north, I promise to post a picture of the great Tennessee blizzard of 2010 this afternoon.


die Frau said...

Hah! Did you get your foot of snow? Lovely to talk with you as well!

I'm starting to keep a food journal as well. It's all about accountability.

Wonderland said...

Well, you know how *I* feel about tingling extremities. You have my sympathy, my dear.