Friday, January 08, 2010

better late than never.

I know I promised a snow picture yesterday, but I just didn't get around to it. I didn't want to step outside in the near whiteout conditions for fear of getting lost in the snow and not finding my way back into my house. Yeah, right. This is it.
To rip off someone else's quote, I was barely able to see through the 3-5 inches of mostly cloudy this morning.

So, it's back to being just cold. And I am trying to understand how the temperature in my living room, which is about thirteen feet from the thermostat is five degrees colder than the heat is set to. It's maddening. I need to go put on another layer.

Sight: six kids painting in my dining room, several of whom were painting themselves instead of paper. it was wonderfully colorful.
Sound: lots of laughter from a houseful of kids and mamas
Smell: applesauce simmering on the stove
Touch: snuggling with s
Taste: pain de campagne and nutella


Wonderland said...

That picture is HILARIOUS. I bet Frau is laughing right now too.

die Frau said...

I am kind of laughing; Wonderland's right. BLIZZARD '10!!!!

I will put up comparison pictures this weekend. :-)

I so want to be in my warm house with something yummy simmering on the stove. Instead, because of our amazing snow removal systems, we're all here at school. Yaaaaaay. [pthhbbbbbbbt] (that was me blowing a raspberry)