Wednesday, January 06, 2010

a good day.

Today has been a pretty great day. It's 31 degrees outside, so it feels like a heatwave. That might have something to do with my excellent mood. Or it might be that S was at Mother's Day Out this morning. It's probably a combination of the two. Either way, it's been a good one. Here's the rundown.
  • Got S out of bed and dressed and brushed her teeth with minimal fuss.
  • Showered. Put on new boots. (With clothes.)
  • Ate some homemade bread* with a little peanut butter. Drank coffee.
  • Took S to school.
  • Talked to friend.
  • Dropped off five bags of clothes at Goodwill.
  • Dropped off a couple of packages at the Post Office and bought stamps.
  • Dropped off a return to LL Bean at the UPS Store.
  • Braved the Kroger on Blue Hair Day, otherwise known as Senior Discount Day, which is something I never, ever do, but the dog was almost out of food, and if I hadn't gone, we really would get eighty-six inches of snow, and Otis would starve. Besides, I'm Southern and it's supposed to snow. I had to buy milk for crying out loud.
  • Picked up dry cleaning. Yuck. I hate dry cleaning, and I never buy clothes that need it because I am certain those chemicals are going to give us all cancer...but I do still have some clothes that require it, and the blanket that stays on our couch, the one that S puked on awhile back, well, it's dry clean only, too. It smells funny now. I am hoping it airs out.
  • Went to House Blend. Talked to Feathernester and Jeremy. Bought a delicious Vienna Latte and a new travel mug to attempt to get my husband off my back about losing travel mugs.
  • Went to Reading Rock and bought a used Bill Bryson book and two beautifully illustrated books for S's upcoming THIRD BIRTHDAY.
  • Went on a mission to find an antique bread box. In the process of which I found an old enamel pot to replace the broken compost pail, a super awesome old cross-stitch piece from 1935, an old metal milk crate for the books in S's room, and a bread box. All for like fifty bucks. I love Dickson.
  • Went to Mel's for leftover pizza.
  • Came home and found that our 2009 photobook had arrived from Shutterfly. Went back to Mel's so we could oooh and aaaah over pictures of my kid.
  • Picked up kid from MDO.
  • Came home and read books to said kid and put her down for rest time.
  • Picked up a bit around the house. Made coffee.
  • Lost internet access for a couple of hours as the cable guy came to fix some issues we'd been having...which resulted in the poor man having to put all new cables up outside in the cold. Luckily, his coat looked thick. S even commented that she liked his nice coat. What a kid.
  • Had a tea party.
Now I'm about to make some banana bread. And M comes home tonight from Louisville. So, barring any major disaster, today is going to go down as one of the best days ever. I love it. Hope your day is moving along nicely as well. Later, peeps.*The three-day bread is delicious. It's Pain de Campagne. I don't normally like anything sourdough, but this is really, really good.

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