Monday, January 04, 2010

now there's an idea

I just read that Kim Kardashian sleeps in workout clothes as motivation to go to the gym. I actually think that sounds pretty brilliant...especially in the miserable winter cold when the thought of getting out of my warm pajamas to put on gym clothes is enough to keep me in pajamas half the day. I wonder, though, would I have to sleep in a sports bra? Nothing says sexy like a lady with a sports bra-induced uniboob.


I normally shy away from USA Weekend in the Sunday paper. Mostly, I'm boycotting the loss of Parade magazine because I liked it more. However, this week, Dr. Oz was gracing the cover, and I kind of like that guy. He seems to sincerely care about people. So, I gave it a look-see. The Dr. Oz article had some tips on how to feel better in the new year, and they were great and all, but there was also an article about Mayo Clinic's new (and first) diet book. It suggests that instead of dieting in the count-calories-and-binge-workout sense, you adopt lifestyle changes. Now, anyone with a decent head on their shoulders knows that's the way to do it. I can eat salads for a month and go to the gym everyday and lose weight, but I'm not going to maintain that because eventually I'll fall off the salad wagon. But instead of suggesting that you just flat out declare that you're going to change your lifestyle by working out regularly and making healthier food choices, which is frankly no different than the aforementioned scenario, it suggests that you add new healthy habits and abandon five unhealthy habits and adopt five new bonus habits. It seems like a dang good idea, really. Because these habits can be little things. Ditching sodas (ahem, Ouiser, we're talking to you. blog just spoke to me).

Since I don't really do the whole new years resolution thing, I thought I might give this a whirl. Besides, my life is pretty awesome. The only things that I would change would be that I would make sure M and I take better care of ourselves and that I would move his office closer to home (is anyone at Stantec listening??).

And here it is. I am going to start taking the vitamins that M wants me to take (because I've been sick off-and-on for over a month and he hasn't so he swears it's because he takes vitamins and I don't). I'm also going to start flossing every single day. I'm usually kind of lax about it, only flossing every few days. I'm going to make sure that I eat breakfast everyday. I know that this will help with my recent issue of blood sugar that totally bottoms out. That's only three new good habits, but Mr. Mayo Clinic suggests that all these habits are adopted and broken over a two week period. I'll keep you posted. As for breaking bad habits...I will continue to lay off sodas, but I do love an occasional cherry coke from Sonic, and I will not feel guilty about it. I will, however, drink smalls. That's all I've got for now.

We'll see.


Kristie said...

A few years ago, I did the whole sleeping in my gym clothes thing. I can say it did work. Especially since I was going to the gym at 5 am. That seems like a million years ago! Get up before 8 am? I think not.

Leslie said...

This is totally reasonable. I love to do stuff like this because adding stuff to my list and then crossing them off is so satisfying.
Giving up cherry coke all together would be denying yourself too much, I think. Small steps, friend...

Melodie said...

My mom told me a few years ago that cokes (okay, sodas) cause cellulite. Not true, I'm sure, but it cured me. I drink 1 every 6months or so, and ususally only if we're on a road trip. Point is, lying to yourself can work wonders.