Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bits and pieces

Here's what's on my mind today.
  • I love Mothers' Day Out. Love it. I am looking forward to hitting the gym without stopping at the nursery, grabbing a little something at House Blend, and checking out the linens and fabrics at Goodwill all by myself.
  • I am very sad about Ted Kennedy. S asked me what was wrong, and I answered, "Mommy is a little sad for a minute." She hugged me and said I was okay. And I was, just like that.
  • I love that my family is able to sit down for dinner together at night. It makes me so happy to be around the table with my favorite people.
  • I am just two short days from thirty. Finally. I've been waiting for it for YEARS. I told that to a high school friend that I ran into the other day and his response was, "yeah, you've been pushing thirty since we were about fourteen." I know. I know.
  • The fabric for S's quilt came yesterday. Once she has a quilt, she gets a big girl bed. I'm not in a terribly huge hurry. I'm not going to lie.
  • I think I ate my eggs too quickly. I may hit Goodwill before the gym just to be safe. Yowsers.
  • I'm out, peeps. Have a good one.


die Frau said...

You are such a young'un...yet you have done so much more than I have in a lot of ways. I guess that goes to show that age is just a number!

30 was a lot of craziness and fun. Mind you, I got married, bought a house, and got a new job, so that may have added to it. :-)

Enjoy it and know that the Cs love the Ps and wish you a happy birthday, two days early!

Leslie said...

Indeed - Happy (early) Birthday. You'll transition nicely into the 30s. It's been great so far!