Monday, August 31, 2009


Thirty. I'm loving it so far...except I've either gotten a cold or in my thirtieth year, I may have developed seasonal allergies. But even with a sore throat and a stuffed up head, I am loving thirty. I had a great weekend with my family. My actual birthday revolved completely around fritters from Dickson Donuts, lunch at Sister's Cafe, cupcakes from Silver Spoon, and dinner at Lugo's. An entire day of food at Dickson's finest...except I never got my coffee from HouseBlend that day. We also snuck in a trip to the Dickson Farmer's Market for a watermelon and a jaunt into the library. It was a great, great day.

Saturday we went to my family birthday extravaganza at my Aunt O's farm. My daddy's family is chock-a-block full of August birthdays, so we always have a thing. This year, O had an "international buffet," and if you've never had a burrito that you accidentally sat on your General Tao's chicken, you've never lived! Then I had dinner at Feathernester's. M and S did not get to accompany me as S was out cold from all the fun at Aunt O's. She played football and croquet and was totally worn out.

Yesterday, we drive out to Turnbull Creek Farm to pick up our Fresh Harvest order for the week, which included a chicken this time. I am really excited about cooking that bird. I've also heard that they are trying to get organic turkeys for Thanksgiving. I might have to score one of those even if we're visiting the MoWasks for the holiday. I don't know that I could pass it up. After the farm, we hit the playground in White Bluff, which is awesome. Then we had pizza, cake, and ice cream at Mellie's. It was a really, really wonderfully perfect birthday weekend. How could I not love being thirty?

So here are thirty things that I'm thankful for/ honor of being thirty.
  1. My husband. He is the perfect one for me. Seriously.
  2. My daughter.
  3. The rest of my family. It is lovely to have people who love you.
  4. All of my friends.
  5. Blogging..because without it I may never have learned to love and really appreciate MoWask, who I truly adore and miss.
  6. Anne A, who I try to be just like as a mother.
  7. Michael Pollan. I finished The Omnivore's Dilemma the other night. That man just speaks to me.
  8. Reading Rock Books.
  9. All things antique.
  10. My relationship with my aunt Mellie.
  11. Markers and cardstock.
  12. My sisters, who crack me up.
  13. Otis.
  14. Stone fruits.
  15. The banana I'm eating right now.
  16. Main Street, Dickson...home.
  17. My house.
  18. Warm sunshine.
  19. Cool rain (in the summer...not in the winter. That's just depressing.)
  20. Happiness. Mine and everyone else's.
  21. Barack Obama.
  22. My health. My daughter's health. My husband's health.
  23. All of my quilts.
  24. St. Ives Apricot Scrub and Dr. Bronner's Liquid Baby Soap and Tom's of Maine Spearmint Toothpaste.
  25. Alice Waters.
  26. Fresh Harvest.
  27. Good-writing pens. Angie M, you know what I mean.
  28. Wine on the porch swings.
  29. A warm bed with good sheets.
  30. Another year with M, S, and everyone else...


mo wask said...

by far and away the best picture of you... ever! it is YOU!

bring on the organic turkey. we've got to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I truly love the skirt, and I think this entry is very heartwarming, one of the best you've ever written, and I'm glad that I made the list;)