Tuesday, August 18, 2009

geographically content

So, in reading blogs like SouleMama and All Buttoned Up, I sometimes wish that I lived elsewhere. You know, like Maine or Oregon... but then I remember one of the main reasons that I love the south. Heat. Long, long months of warmth.

SouleMama is currently "savoring summer" because it's winding down up there in Maine. Winding down? I've got over a month of scorching, how-big-can-my-hair-get-from-this-humidity days left. Followed by at least two months of warm days and warmish evenings. I remember when she was gearing up for summer, when she and her kiddos were totally jazzed about summer days at the shore and playing outside. We'd been enjoying the summer for at least a month at that point. So, really...she only gets like two months of summer. I get five. She, however, gets snowed in for almost half the year. It's not my thing, people. I like to be warm.

So, even though everything is beautiful there, and I'd love a ton of blueberries and lobster, I'll stay right where I am, thankyouverymuch.

Here's to loving where you are.


Leslie said...

Here here. I don't get as much warmth as I'd like, but I get amazing ethnic/sea/dessert/etc) food any time I want within walking distance, and a community that respects and patronizes theatre. Happy as a clam. YAY, good places to live!

die Frau said...

YEAH! We get four seasons (though winter sticks around), a great art gallery, surprisingly varied food choices, wineries, Niagara Falls, and a major metropolitan city (Toronto) within reasonable driving distance, among other things. THanks for reminding me of what we have!

You'll chuckle to know that we just got a string of humid 85+ degree days and I was DYING. Hair--don't even talk about it. Yikes.