Saturday, August 08, 2009

what a week.

There's no sense in lying about it. This week was a doozy. Maybe I should say has been a doozy as we're only partially through Saturday. M is working on the world's most intensive proposal, so we've seen next to none of him over the past few weeks. Last week, I made the request that he come home in time for dinner at least once. I didn't even request it this week, though he did make it home one night...after I'd informed him that I had, in fact, contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease from the little one.

So, I've got a fridge full of produce to cook, which I'll feed our extended family tomorrow because we're going to be out of the house next week to have our floors demolished and refinished. In case you're wondering, that means we've got to move furniture if the ol' hubby ever makes it home. I've been moving all the stuff I can move alone, but I'm getting bored with it, and I've also got to finish binding a quilt for my cousin before we leave as she leaves for college next week, and I need to stain the inside of the front door before the floors get done so that any accidents will be taken care of when that portion of the floor gets removed. Plus, I've got that pesky little virus, so the inside of my mouth feels like I've burned the heck out of it on straight-out-of-the-oven lasagna. It's not been my week.

But there have definitely been bright spots. S inherited old dance costumes, so there has been a constant parade of tulle and sequins for days. It's cute. Really cute. And Hillary's quilt, which I started on Tuesday, is looking good. I had the entire thing pieced and quilted (very minimal machine quilting...nothing to write home about) by Wednesday evening. And S and I had ice cream for lunch today. And, honestly, packing all my stuff away to have the floors done has provided me with an excellent opportunity to look at all of my stuff and remember how much I love it. So, I'm looking for the silver lining...but I'm wishing that M's proposal was done and the Ouisers could be the Ouisers once again.


Strongmama said...

oh man, i was hoping you wouldn't get it, too. i got it from j last year and it hurts! here's hoping that next week is better. hugs!

VA said...

holy moly are you a fast quilter!
i hope you feel better.
i hope as your house gets redone on the insides your insides pay attention and clean themselves too.

when you are done with the quilt post pictures! oh, and how did the tennis t-shirt quilt for m turn out...i think you mentioned or he did once upon a time that such a project was at hand.

i apologize if i can be "so-4-years-behind-the-times".

hugs to you all.


Anonymous said...

I meant to post when you said S had it to be really careful...I got it from H last year - I just hated all the bumps on my hands that itched like crazy! Here's to hoping this week is better! Beth