Wednesday, August 26, 2009

help a sister out.

Seriously, I have never been into bikes. I had a lot of bicycle accidents as a kid, and I'm a 'fraidy-cat. My dear friend MoWask, however, is a bike lover. She also wants that bike over in the sidebar. So, click away dear readers, and let's see if we can't win that bike for her. All you have to do is click. That's it. Maybe every time you're bored.


die Frau said...

I clicked, MoWask! Good luck! Nice bikes can be expensive, which is why I bought mine on eBay and put it together myself for under $100 and one trip to the bike shop to fix the derailer. But it has no badass cargo element to it.

mo wask said...

Thank you sisters! I would put this bike to GREAT use!