Sunday, March 11, 2007

The princess and the pee

Baby girl is somewhat less than a fan of bath time. She's a trooper for part of it, but she really hates to have her tummy and neck washed. Legs, butt, head, hair- fine, but stay away from the chubchub. Last night after her bath, as we rushed her into the warm towel towards the bed to dress her, she decided to get us back for attempting to de-funk the rolls under her neck. How? By peeing. I think she'd been saving up all day because she soaked through her towel, a quilt that was folded into three layers at the foot of the bed, the bedspread, and the top sheet. I think it would've done some damage to the bottom sheet if I hadn't noticed it when I did. I had just washed the sheets the day before. Go figure. We ended up just throwing two quilts onto the bed last night, which didn't work out well because neither was big enough to provide ample coverage for me and M. Oh, well.

The other laundry chaos revolved around a wayward ballpoint pen that made its way into the wash yesterday. Of course, I failed to notice its presence when moving the clothes (M's work clothes) from the washer to the dryer. (Read: when I still could've really saved myself a lot of work.) We had to go to Target for heavy duty stain remover, and M had to scour the inside of the dryer with a MagicEraser. I'm still working on the clothes, but most everything was salvaged. It would've been easier if I'd done a more thorough job checking pockets before doing the laundry. Note to self...

Lastly, I was reminded by a very dear Dra sister that while I'm excellent at giving updates on baby girl and me, I've been remiss in reporting on how M has taken to fatherhood. He's been great, and I think he's enjoying being a daddy almost as much as I'm enjoying being a mommy. I think his only complaint is a lack of time to spend with her. I'm trying to let him spend more time with her on the weekends, but I start having withdrawals if I haven't held her in a couple of hours. Either way, M is doing great. In fact, he's sprawled out on the couch with S sprawled out on him as I type. They are precious, and I am so thankful for my wonderfully, beautifully perfect little family (including Otis).

Lastly, speaking of withdrawals...I must sincerely thank my sister-in-law for the aptly monikered "Magic Swing." S loves to swing, and I am actually feeling guilty that I put her down more than I used to. I don't think the "attachment parenting" thing is supposed to make you feel it? Anyway, thank you M for the swing, which also provides me time to pee without having my child attached to me. You are a savior.

I'm out, peeps...except for the food thing. No new recipe really, but I have been making "homemade" calzones lately. It allows for pseudo-pizza night. I just put spinach in mine instead of cheese. Either way, here's the basic scenario: I use pizza crust mix, and I halve the dough. Both of our calzones get a healthy dose of turkey pepperoni and diced tomatoes (drained). M's then gets shredded mozzarella while mine gets about a half of a box of frozen chopped spinach. I've added green peppers and onions before, and you could clearly add whatever "toppings" you want. Then I make them fairly unhealthy by dressing up the crust. I saute garlic in butter, add basil, and brush/pour it over the tops of the calzones. Then I sprinkle each with kosher salt and black pepper. I'd add a little Parmesan if I could. That's it...oh, I bake them at 475 degrees for about 12 minutes, and I pour marinara sauce over mine. Presto.
Baby girl after church this morning. Check out those arm rolls!

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