Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The human pacifier

I find it amusing how S changes from week to week and develops new likes and dislikes. Like deciding about a week ago that she loves to swing. Her newest thing is using me as a pacifier. She nods off while nursing and refuses to give up the boob and maintain residency in dream land. She wakes right up and won't go to sleep unless "pacified." Try an actual pacifier, you say? Done. Not the same apparently, and she won't keep it in her mouth. Sometimes it doesn't bother me. Other times I grow weary of sitting in the rocking chair. That usually happens when I get to the end of a magazine or grow tired of whatever book I have with me. Sometimes it happens when I think my tummy growling will wake her up about the same moment that I die of hunger. Any suggestions on how to solve this little problem? For the record, this really only applies for napping. Bedtime is bedtime for little bit.

Not much else going on here. Our garage door opener crapped out last night, so tomorrow's agenda will include having it replaced. My fingers are crossed that they'll be installing one of the new screw-driven models and not the old chain-driven ones. They are so thrillingly silent. The sounds of silence...currently being interrupted by a baby who's trying to wake up. She must've realized that there's no boob in her face.

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Lori said...

J was pretty much the same way. Wouldn't take a pacifier at all. I always made sure I had a book, snack, water, remote nearby if I felt this coming on. Things got better when he found his thumb, which he still uses. :) I think I held him napping until about 4 months at which point I decided he had to learn to sleep without being so attached to me. Just enjoy the peace and quiet because it will be over faster than you think, even though it is tiring and makes you a slave to the couch for now.