Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another day...

...another doctor. Today it was Otis's turn to go to the doctor. His appointment, however, was not routine maintenance. The little guy woke me up this morning yelping and shaking his head. We'd just had his ears flushed last week because I knew he had another ear infection. We, being the newly-horrific doggie parents we are, had been more than somewhat remiss in putting his meds in his ears. In our defense, it's a two-man job, and there aren't a lot of times when we have four adult hands available for dog upkeep. That will have to change, though, because I can't continue carting him and baby girl across town to the vet every week. Either way, his ears aren't bad. The vet thinks he probably has seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, no doggie-Claritin. He doesn't seem like he's too terribly bothered by his ears, but he's not acting like himself. Maybe he senses that S doesn't feel well.

Speaking of S, she has a fever (as predicted) as a result of her vaccinations yesterday. Nothing too bad...still in the "no need to call the pediatrician" range. Of course, last night was the first time we'd ever had to take her temperature. Another traumatic moment for me. She, however, grinned at her daddy the entire time. For now, the fever and Tylenol combo is knocking her out, which I'm grateful for. Only one bad cranky episode since the shots...I was worried she'd scream for a few days. Hopefully, she'll keep up the good behavior as we are hitting the road tomorrow. S's first trip to the motherland. We'll be in DC through Saturday and in Columbia through Monday. Lots of new family members for baby girl to meet. Lots of packing for me to do tonight. (Thank you LBS for the list.) I'm actually glad that I'm experiencing the stress of her first out-of-town adventure before our family outing to New York in a few weeks. You know, work out the kinks. Well, as much as one can.

We'll be back online next week. Until then, keep it real, peeps.

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