Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

I don't think that a year has gone by since I was fifteen that I haven't busted out "beware the ides of march" to at least one unsuspecting soul when the 15th rolls around. This year, it's the innumerable unsuspecting souls that read this blog...okay, I know there are only about four of you. Either way, I'm mass communicating. I like to let my nerdiness shine through now and again.

Speaking of my nerdiness- and following up with the Julius Caesar reference- today's post is my ode to Shakespeare. I wasn't the biggest fan of Caesar when I read it in 10th grade, but I've pretty much adored everything else I've ever read by the Bard. My personal favorite remains Hamlet. After I read it in high school, I started renting all of its various renditions at Blockbuster and subjecting my grandmother to them. She was the only one who'd indulge my inner literature geek. She was also a die-hard democrat. Grandma rocked the house (and the vote). This post isn't about Grandma, though, is it? Nope. Of course, like every other girl on the planet, I've always loved Romeo and Juliet. Actually, I think I've really enjoyed all of Shakespeare's plays I've read or seen- except Midsummer Night's Dream. Don't know why...I just don't care for it. I liked Shakespeare so much coming out of DCHS that I attempted to take "Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories" my freshman year of college. It was an upper-level course that required a smidge too much work in my alcohol-filled first year. The class got dropped, and it never fit into my schedule again. Oh bother. I suppose that's it for me and old Willie...not really an ode so much, huh?

My bananas are all black again, I'm off to make muffins.

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