Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Glorious sunshine

Playgroup was today instead of our regular Thursday get-together. We met at a local park where the older kids could play and fling mulch. I think having the noise dispersed across a playground was the major contributing factor to S's disinterest in remaining awake. She snoozed heavily, missing the birthday cupcakes and everything. She did wake up once because she was hungry, but that's about it. She looked cute in her new outfit and sunhat, though. She also smells like sunscreen now, and every time she moves her arms, I see more of it caked and dried in her little rolls. Hehehe...
I enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather and sunshine so much that I couldn't let Otis miss out, so I braved a walk with baby girl and the dog for the first time this afternoon. All in all it was a success. Otis only tried to annihilate one squirrel, so it wasn't too bad. Of course, we stopped to talk to half of the neighborhood, and he was wonderful despite the fact that I could tell he wanted to move it along. He was also very attentive when anyone came up to meet S. After all, he is her guard dog, right?

Moving beyond our outdoor activities for the day- I was thinking the other day about the great question posed by the great flick
Office Space. What would I do if I had a million dollars? For starters, if all I got was a cool million, I'd pay off the mortgage, buy a couple of hybrid cars, make some donations to environmental causes and a few democrats, and invest the remainder. Not exciting, but very "P". However, if I were to actually address the heart of the question...I got started thinking about it in terms of hubby especially. After all, I'm doing exactly what I want to do- hanging out with my beautiful baby girl. Husband, however, has to go to work everyday to allow me to continue being a stay-at-home mommy. (Thank you, by the way. I love you.) The question is: is he doing what he really wants to during the 7-6 workday? Probably not. He gets to make maps, which he loves and is totally cool, but I'm not sure if that really satisfies him. What would, you ask? Teaching. Teaching people to love geography and maps and tennis. We talk about it a lot. Can we simplify our lives and scale back enough to keep me at home and keep us in the lifestyle we want (and want to give our children)? Who knows. I'm afraid we'll always be too chicken to try. Kind of like how we're too chicken to move to Europe (or out of the southeast for that matter). What we need is a solid shot of courage. Anybody got one lying around? Anyway...

What would you do if you had a million dollars??

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Melissa said...

Are those cankles I see? I love baby chubb!