Sunday, March 25, 2007


Brilliant may be the only adequate word to describe this weekend's weather. Well, glorious might do as well. We spent most of yesterday outside- working in the morning in Mr. P's new yard (pics of the insanity later, I swear) and spending the afternoon in our backyard. M tore down the enormous nasty dog house that the previous owners gifted us while I planted some more seeds and repotted some pansies for the front steps.
Baby girl was wonderful, taking nice long naps that allowed us to get those things done. This afternoon we're going to try to mulch the front beds and get the soil ready in the garden. I'm excited. I'm not excited about slathering the wee one in sunscreen, which I'm about to have to do. Can't let her get deep-fried, though.

This morning we snapped some pictures after church. She just looked so pretty. Here's my favorite (loved for its fairly accurate depiction of both S and M's personalities)...there are others over here.

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