Thursday, March 22, 2007

Domestic Goddess??

Not so much.

I have been fairly productive this afternoon, though. Maybe I was making up for the morning...during which I accomplished nothing more than taking a shower, taking S to visit her daddy at work, and going to playgroup. While that's plenty for one morning, it doesn't really count as accomplishing anything, does it? Maybe. Who cares. We had a good morning. Just the same I crossed two "major" things off the to-do list this afternoon.

One: I planted some of the seeds for the garden. We're expanding the garden this year and moving it from one side of the yard to the other. I'm very excited about it- not to mention excited about actually wanting to eat stuff from the garden. So far, I planted the grape tomatoes and regular tomatoes, the bell peppers, and some lettuce. When I ran out of peat pods, I quit, which means all the little sweet basil seeds are still in their package. I'd also like to grow strawberries, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to since I know they have to be grown away from tomatoes and peppers. Maybe I'll try the strawberries in pots on the deck. We'll see. As for now, all of the happy seeds are planted 1/4 inch deep in happy dirt under a happy plastic dome. They are sitting on the stove right now because baby girl is napping next to the back door so I can't move them outside. Later.

Item number two from the to-do list is crafty. Crafty for me at least. I always have great intentions of completing crafty little projects, but somehow I just end up collecting bags of goodies from Michaels. I wanted to finish this one, though. It has a distinct purpose. For the record, I ripped the basic idea off from a friend. As all of our family currently lives at least three hours away, I want S to learn who they are before she is bombarded by and scared out of her wits by "strangers". I've taken pictures of all of her family members and modge-podged them to balsa wood flowers that I painted pink and green to match her room. I'm going to use removable Velcro dots to stick them to the wall over her changing pad. That way, as she gets older, she'll see pictures of all the people who love her and she'll become more familiar with them. Snazzy idea, eh? I'll post a picture once I get them on the wall. Right now, they are hanging out on a Pier One bag on the dining table.

That's about it around here today. We did get a new garage door opener installed yesterday, and M and I are both happy about that. As for food, it's been pretty low key the past few nights. I made a gumbo stew the other night that used a Zatarain's mix. While it was yummy, I won't make it again. I rarely buy "mixes," and now I really remember why. I was checking out the ingredient list on the side of the box, and I couldn't pronounce the names of all the preservatives. It creeped me out. I have a great gumbo recipe from scratch, and I'll stick with it from now on. I much prefer being able to pronounce and recognize all of the ingredients in our food. Last night was a simple dinner: snap peas and roasted new potatoes. Plus raw carrots for M and corn and grape tomatoes for me. Very colorful plates. Made me happy to see M eating things that are legitimate colors (aka not a shade of white, cream, or taupe). Ooooh, I did cook some spinach the other night to put on top of pasta. It was delish. The recipe is over here...

Later peeps.

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Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, Val is in the middle of nearly the exact same craft project for Sophia's room! Can't wait to see both projects as my own family is spread all over the land... (val's site)