Friday, February 23, 2007

The musical fruit

You remember the little song, right?

Beans, beans,
The musical fruit,
The more you eat them,
The more you toot.

While there are no beans involved, baby girl's new nickname is "the musical fruit." She woke us up last night with her constant tooting. It was absolutely hysterical. Sleeping baby making music. It was great.

The trouble with bananas...okay, this is not related to anything, just an observation. I love bananas. I try to eat one everyday. I have trouble with bananas, though. As a person who only likes to brave the grocery store once a week, I need to buy a week's worth of bananas. Of course, I need to buy them pretty green so they are still edible as something other than the inside of banana bread by week's end. Unfortunately, that usually means they are too green to eat for a couple of days. "Buy from two different bunches," you say. Logical. Not practical. Have you ever noticed that all the bananas at the store are the same color? If they're mostly green bananas, your only option is usually some half-rotten bunch that was probably left in another part of the store for a day or two. If this is the most troublesome thing I have to worry about, I suppose I'm doing alright, eh?

Five Senses Friday

Sight: Otis laying in the floor staring at me right now, my clean house
Sound: the musical fruit
Smell: baby girl after her bath, spit up (it doesn't smell good, but it's a consistent smell around here)
Touch: cool air against my face as S and I went for walks this week, warm water in the shower a few minutes ago
Taste: strawberries in my cheerios, grapes from the fridge

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