Saturday, February 24, 2007

Desperately wanting

I take it back. Not wanting. Needing. Desperately needing. Okay, so I just want it. This dessert carrier will carry three "levels" of cupcakes. Or a layer cake. Or two pies. Seriously, why didn't I invent this? Carrying desserts is always a disaster, isn't it? Or is it just me? (Die Frau, please don't judge me for the horrific sentence structure contained in this post thus far.)

I'm getting ready to make cupcakes for baby girl's first (month) birthday, which is tomorrow. The little ladybug is already a month old. I cannot believe how fast this is going. Everyday I notice ways that she is changing. I am so amazed by her. Either way, the dessert carrier is something I remembered when thinking about her cupcakes. Other things I want in the cupcake-related baking world? Cup-a-cake holders and silicone baking cups. How is it possible that there are kitchen goodies pertaining to cupcakes that I don't own? Rephrase. How is there anything related to a kitchen that I don't own? Come to think of it...I don't have a zester either. I need to go to Williams-Sonoma.

Just as soon as I make those cupcakes.

Happy Saturday.


Angie said...

I NEED that cake,pie,cupcake carrier. Thanks, now there is more out there for me to have to buy!!! I will blame it on you when W gets mad at me for buying more kitchen stuff. I love those bibs, too. Where did you find that? too girl, too

die Frau said...

1. I will never judge your grammar!
2. We registered at Williams-Sonoma and I got a bunch of that stuff at a is FANTASTIC. This marriage gig is a real racket.