Friday, February 02, 2007

Colgate Baby

It snowed the day that S was born, and there have been a couple of light dustings since her arrival. This morning, however, we awoke to a legitimate snowfall for this area. There are a few inches on the ground, and Otis is going crazy over it.

We decided that the snow would make a nice backdrop for this:

S's first Colgate pic. I tried to get a picture with her, M, and Otis, but Otis was much too hyper.

Baby girl was an awesome sleeper last night, sleeping for four hours, then two hours, then an hour and a half. It was great. She's also been awake a lot today, so I'm hoping to keep the trend going-especially since M heads back to work next week.

In other people's baby news-
check this out. I am so happy that S was a relatively small baby. I can't imagine what giving birth to a whopper like that would do to a person's body!!

Lastly, Five Senses Friday:
Sight: S in her BabyLegs. She doesn't quite fill them out yet.
Sound: Baby "gurgling"
Smell: Chicken noodle soup
Touch: Baby girl's chubby cheeks.
Taste: Homemade soups and breads that were made for us. The perfectly crunchy and sweet apple I just ate.


lesley said...

She makes the cutest faces!!! I can't wait till you bring her in the store so we can go crazy over her again.

die Frau said...

Doggies in snow are hilarious. They run around like crazy for some reason. I loved watching Boo in the the snow because she had to leap like a bunny to get from one spot to the other in the deep snow. My mom's dog just goes nuts racing around.

I was a long baby (21 in.) but a third as hefty as Super Tonio. Yikes, that had to hurt.