Tuesday, June 23, 2009

that's my girly girl

When I was pregnant, I was sure S was a boy, and honestly, I kind of wanted a boy. Only because I wanted my very own awesome kid like MoWask's K. Plus, I was afraid I'd get a girly girl who would be all obsessed with princesses and fairies and crap. And you know what, I obviously got a girl. And I got a girly one, and it's awesome.

Today, while I was printing some things at my aunt's house, S was wearing pink Fancy Nancy ballet slippers, a sparkly barrette in her hair, a pink princess necklace, and fairy wings as she played with a doll and begged to watch Angelina Ballerina. Seriously. It doesn't get much girlier than that, does it? I suppose she could have her nails painted, but she can't sit still that long.

When we got home and started to read books before her nap, she wanted to read all three of her Angelina Ballerina books. Of course. Then I started thinking about the books she's been obsessed with throughout her two and a half years. Fancy Nancy? Check. Madeline? Check. Fairy houses? Check. Pinkalicious? Check. Now it's Angelina.

My child is all girl. All the time. It is so fun.

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Kristie said...

Sounds like she is just like her Mommy! You are MUCH girlier than you would let people know!!!

I just had a thought... Remember when Laura P pulled your shirt up in CB? I am laughing so hard right now!