Thursday, June 11, 2009

here comes the crazy

Allow me to recreate a situation from yesterday that had me laughing so hard that I found myself in a makeshift child's pose in the dining room floor.

L was coloring with markers yesterday afternoon when she and Feathernester came over for lunch. As I was putting the markers into their jar when we were cleaning up, I asked Feathernester if she thought it meant I was crazy to put the markers into the jars upside down so that the ink was always flowing toward the markers' tips.

Her response? (And forgive me if this is a little off, Feathernester.)

"It's not the upside down thing that's crazy, it's that you have separate jars for different brands of markers."

The sad things is that she's right. There's a Crayola jar, a Rose Art jar, an Ecolorgy jar, a colored Sharpie jar, and a black Sharpie jar. (Plus a colored pencil jar and a crayon bin.) Amazingly, I had thought this little bit of anal retentive art supply organization would go unnoticed. Being called out on it made me laugh so hard I thought I would pee.

Oh, well. I embrace my crazy. Here's hoping you have a wonderful, crazy, organized evening.


Kristie said...

You guys let your toddlers play with markers? Even Sharpies????

Scarlet Lily said...

I'm with Kristie - toddlers and markers???

But good for you for embracing the crazy - we all have to do it! :)

Leslie said...

Oh, honey. Let your freak flag fly! OCD forever!

die Frau said...

Again, you must not come to my house. It's not completely disorganized, but certain areas will make your OCD brain explode.

However, my carefully crafted binder of torn-out recipes (I know I've mentioned this) separated by meal (fish, pastries/desserts, sides, etc.) will please you. I even try to do it by month, so I'll know what's in season.

I kind of love your organizational overload. :-)

Wonderland said...

HAHAHA!! You are wonderful.

Angie said...

You are your own kind of crazy!but I love you for it!