Monday, June 22, 2009

it could work

I just needed a break from ironing. We'd used a bunch of my tablecloths for Relay for Life, and I have to iron them before I put them away. They've been clean for over a week, but I really hate ironing. Anyway, I'm almost done, but I had to take a breather. I used the break to check out some celebrity gossip.

I've decided that, despite the fact that I don't care much for Bradley Cooper, I like the idea of him and Jennifer Aniston together. Because, frankly, he is one of the few men on earth who can compete with her in terms of having crazy awesome hair and a wicked tan. If they made babies, those babies would be little bronze gods and goddesses, and they'd pop out with hair that could garner hair product contracts.

Think about it.

John Mayer couldn't have possible worked because he does insane things with his hair, and he's covered in tattoos, rendering a tan obsolete. Brad Pitt tans well, but his hair was always questionable compared to hers.

There it is. Someone tell Jennifer Aniston I've figured out her love life.

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die Frau said...

They have the same rate of prettiness? Because sometimes that helps, I've heard. At least in Hollywood Life, which generally bears little resemblance to real life. :-)

I think you're onto something there....